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Technology and startups are shaping the world of tomorrow



Entrepreneurs and Investors need a framework

To assess the impact of new technologies

Suitable for disruptive business models

Fit to the reality of startups


Academic Research

Grounded in academic research

Next Generation

Driven and conceptualized by the next generation

Concrete Actions

Guiding towards concrete actions

The process IN TWO PILLARS

1. Operational practices

2. External impact



This assessment is based on ESG criteria. It aims at understanding what pratices startups have already put in place.

Improvement goals

Improvement Goals

Startups identify key areas of improvement. They set the goals to achieve in 1 to 3 years and define concrete steps.

Impact valuation


The potential impact, i.e. the long-lasting change for society or the environement, is measured and targets for the next 3 years are defined.

"It is up to us today to shape the world as we would like to hand it over to our children tomorrow. Technology can solve problems – and needs to be in good hands."

Florian Schweitzer - CEO & Founder btov Partners

Developed with

Universität St.Gallen


Dye Mansion

"Having the possibility to participate in the Entrepreneurial Impact Project is a big honor and was a quick decision for us at DyeMansion. On the one hand to get a much better understanding of our impact as a 3d printing company on the world and on the other hand to evaluate our very own footprint and to exploit the potential to grow while getting more sustainable."

Felix Ewald - CEO & Founder

"The project was a great opportunity to think further about the global impact of CodeCheck. We really enjoyed collaborating with the whole team and being part of this exciting story. "

Mandy Hecht - COO


"I'm proud to be one of the first companies to do the assessment - it will help us become a much better company, and we discovered some great aspects about the impact of our business and enjoyed the coaching by experts."

Michael Rohmeder - CEO & Founder

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